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Strength running | 5k-10k

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If your priority to develop maximum strength and power but also run your fastest race times, this program is for you. It includes 4 strength training sessioons and 3 runs to prepare for any distance upto 10k. The difference between this program and "Fastest 5k-10k" is 20% more volume emphasizing power development which can be helpful if you also like to play other sports that requires sprinting speed and jumping. This program consists of 6 blocks of 4 weeks each for cardiovascular and muscular endurance, strength, and power development. All these qualities are built on core stability, rotational power, single leg control and flexibility which your running efficiency and durability. You should be able to race any time during the course of this program starting phase 3. By end of the program, you will be able to use your racing fitness for other sports as well. As part of this program, you'll find informative videos and clear instructions aimed at ensuring the accurate execution of the exercises prescribed. Alongside your weekly training plan, you'll have access to expert-curated visual demonstrations and succinct explanations, enriching your training experience. Disclaimer: This training program does not guarantee any prevention of accidents or injuries. It can only help you develop structural and physiological qualities essential for sports performance.

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